Monday, November 27, 2006


There has been much debate in my sphere about the word "Nigger" and why White people can't use it and Black people can. In the last three weeks I have gotten into HEATED debates with
people over this very subject...and I have come to the same conclusion...

Those who spend their time debating/arguing over the validity of the word NIGGER ought to maybe direct their efforts towards changing a social order that privileges some and oppresses others.

The word NIGGER would not have any saliency if there were not an accompanying social order for which it's use could justify. "Nigger" is the ideological crutch that helped, helps, and will continue to help maintain the system of White Supremacy in America.

My frustration is that many folks inside and outside the black community continue to attack the WORD "Nigger" but fail to attack the Power Elite, who in their wealth and whiteness, continue to exploit the most vulnerable Americans.

Perhaps there is an uproar about this word because in this post-Civil Rights Movement era many folks think that we have "transcended" the questions of race and racism in America. To them I say that the Civil Rights Movement, even with it's revolutionary spirit, was tangibly a reform movement...and the one MAJOR policy change that arose from the struggle (Affirmative Action) has not actually done what it was intended to do for Black and Brown Americans. We have not transcended the race question.

White folks want to bury the race question...perhaps because of the sub-conscious (or unconscious) guilt about their own privilege and Black folks have been fooled into believing that the issue surrounding the word "Nigger" is actually an important one as it concerns the social, political, and economic well-being of our community.

The state of our collective existence as a community is because of a generational lack of inclusion (de jure and de facto) in the American social project. In other words, the Nigger debate is a red herring in my opinion.

Now this is NOT to say that perhaps as a community we shouldn't have a discussion about the generational psychological effects that the label of NIGGER has had on us. I think we should. I just don't think we should think that burying the word will be the silver bullet that kills our "self-hatred" and the racism of White folks. Because the fact remains....IT WON'T.

For Michael Richards (Kramer) the usage of the word "nigger" was about him expressing his superiority as a white man over black folk. And the racist reality of the system is in harmony with that expression.

Quite frankly this is why White people are not allowed to use it...because we know what their INTENT is. We know about slavery...we know about Jim Crow...we know about racism. And the "Kramer's" of the world know EXACTLY what emotions such a word coming out of the mouth of a white person will evoke. It is as sinister as you can get.

I say all this to's time for progressive people (of all races, creeds, colors, ages, sexes, and sexual orientations) to have more meaningful discussions about social uplift...

Just my opinion...I could be wrong.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Vegas Memories PT II

First of all...Happy Holidays to all...Although I am thankful for all that I have and all that I will soon have I conceptually do not celebrate Thanksgiving. For those who do, ask yourself the question: "Do you think that Native Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?"

Now on to the recap. Overall Vegas was great for the beau and I. It was definitely a time where we got to know one another better. Rather than write paragraph after paragraph (which can sometimes be painful) I am just going to give some of the highlights/lowlights

---It was NYBoy's first ever flight. Why was I more scared than he was? He said it felt like a rollercoaster ride.

---The hotel, as usual, was wonderful.

---The club we went to was great although NYBoy's friend from Vegas kept continually trying to hit on us both...HARD

---It got so bad that after the club NYBoy stormed off in a rage after his friend tried to grab his "stuff" in the bathroom. We then proceeded to get in a heated argument in the middle of Las Vegas boulevard at about 4:30 am because he wanted to take a 25 dollar cab home and insisted that we use our 5 dollar, 24 hour bus passes since we were right by bus stop.

---We slept in seperate beds that night (yes the hotel fucked up and gave us a double when I BOOKED a king sized suite)

---We had a ball at the Houdini Magic Shop at Caesar's Palace on the strip. We brought some neat card tricks there and NYBoy bought some fake scratch off tickets. Every ticket is a 10,000 dollar winner. He bought 3 of them and gave 1 to his mother and the other 2 to 2 friends of his.

---We had a nice dinner at Vic & Anthony's (a steakhouse) in our hotel. I order the Veal Chop for a whopping $39.75. Why upon finishing it I feel a rumbling in my stomach and try to rush to the bathroom (which is outside of the restaurant and inside the casino). Needless to say I did not make it to the bathroom before vomiting. I vomit up a 70 dollar meal right into my hands as I am standing on the outskirts of the casino looking for the nearest bathroom. One of the attendants directs me to a garbage can that I could toss my "upchuck" into. This was the most expensive meal I never ate.

---I lost about 200 dollars playing the "Powerball" slot machine.

---NYBoy was about 30 seconds away from winning a 2007 Ford Mustang. Celebrating it's 60th anniversary, the hotel was doing drawings every day for 30 days and giving away 30 Ford Mustangs. So on this particular night a name is called and the person is not there. They had 3 minutes to make it there to claim their prize. at 2 minutes and 30 seconds they draw another name name in anticipation of the first person not showing up. It is NYBoy's name. All of a sudden the woman shows up, NYBoy tries to point her in the wrong direction but it doesn't work. NyBoy returns to the room in AGONY.

---NYBoy had to go to Walgreens so he left the room and went. On his way back he gets into the elevator with a white couple. The woman begins speaking to him and asking him questions about how he is liking Vegas. The white man leans over to his wife as says "Don't ask the black guy questions."

---NYBoy and I got all kind of stares in the hotel all week long. At certain points we felt like white people were looking at us like we were not supposed to be there or suprised that we could afford it. Prejudice and Bigotry still live.

All in all it was a restful and enlightening trip. I do think it's made our relationship stronger to have shared such an experience. It's our first vacation and certainly not our last.

In any event...enjoy your holiday...don't eat too much...



Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Vegas Part II

The beau and I are off to Sin City today for 6 days and 5 nights...

It should be an "interesting" time to say the least...

Will have a full report when I return....

Until then, stay out of trouble!



Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Saw The Devil Today

This piece is dedicated to the fools who dance in this collective reality...drunk with religion.

I Saw The Devil Today

By: HX

I saw The Devil today
And he spoke of love
and God---
Man and Woman.
Breathed fire
into my heaven...
Thinking he's humanity
but is really
only its enemy.

He breathed Holy fire
and I burn
because of my desire--

in the here and now...