Thursday, August 31, 2006

I'm Alive

Hey people.....I'm alive...I been workin 15 hours days for the last two weeks and TOTALLY exhausted....I will definitely post next week and get back into the normal swing of things....

Stay Tuned....

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Vegas Memories

Well folks I have returned...and I must say that Las Vegas was a grand ol time. I sepnt 5 days and 4 nights there in celebration of my 25th birthday (on August 2nd) and it was everything that everybody has told me that it would be and more...

Unfortunately I went there alone but I figure if you can't enjoy yourself WITH yourself then why the hell are you living in the first place? So I made my my journey. This was the first time I flew all alone and for the most part it was an okay experience (I just hate the take-off and landing). I got there last Thursday at about 7:00 pm (Las Vegas time) and by the time I got all my luggage and was off to the Hotel it was after nine. I checked into my room and layed down for an hour. Before I knew it it was 12:00 AM and time to head out on the town. I hit this one "alternative" club on the strip since it was Hip Hop Night there and my chances of seeing some colored folks was much higher. And I must say it was an enjoyable experience. To my suprise I counted 8 people that said something to me...Not that I am that vain that I count but it just unusual for me to get that much attention. Clubbing in New York as much as I have has made me used to dudes being evasive...As I have said before, I love clubbing out of town because people are generally nicer, less vain, and not as pretentious. I did manage to meet a cutie whom I had lunch with the next day so it was all good. Nothing else came of it tho. But he was a cutie nonetheless.

My drunkeness the day before really put me out of commission for the entire day of Friday. I just chilled in the comfortable bed of the hotel room. The only time I managed to get out is when I went to to the mall to meet "the cutie" and when I went to McDonald's to get something to eat.

I did decide that I would make Saturday more of my sightseeing day. My hotel was located in Downtown Vegas (in essentially "old" Vegas). Becuase of the location there was a lot to see and do around Fremont Street. So I walked up and down Fremont and indulged in a monstrous, New Orleans Style Daquiri that got me "right" pretty quickly. Having that drink put me in the mood to go back out which I did on Saturday night. I ended up going back to the same club that I went to on Thursday night. Things were a bit different this time as there was a surplus of White guys and no hip hop, r&B, or reggae music. But I drank and enjoyed being away nonetheless and prayed nobody talked to me and for the most part that is exactly what I got.

I made it back to my hotel room and made a serious of drunken phone calls (one in particular that involves leaving a voicemail to HartfordLady that told her that Fidel Castro was dead; which he wasn't). On Sunday I decided to hit the strip again and check out another mall out there. I ended up buying another pair of sneakers...which happen to go with a number of my outfits quite nicely.

Monday I had to check out of my room by 12:00 pm. I checked out at 10 and went in search of someplace to eat. I eventually found a nice buffet that ran me $6.99 (another reason why I love Vegas--Cheap ets). But being out at 12 posed a delimma for me because my plane didn't leave until 11:59 pm so I had the hotel store my luggage and I just walked around a little, went back up to the mall, and gambled A LOT (in a losing effoort of course). I made my way back to Connecticut that night and arrived back here at about 10:45 AM...I am GLAD to be home and back to state of normalcy...The best metaphor for Las Vegas that I heard is that it's like Disneyland for adults. Vegas is certainly not a place you bring the kids on a vacation. It is truly SIN CITY...and I enjoyed every bit of it.

It was so good that I am thinking about going back in October and taking my mother since she's never flown before and never been anywhere besides New Jersey, Baltimore, and North Carolina. I wonder if I can still be bad with moms in the house?

Shit, of course I can!



Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm off to Vegas today!!!!
Will have a full report when I retrun on Tuesday.
Until then...Enjoy Ya Weekend..Whatever you are doing.