Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Things I am Realizing on the Eve of My 26th Birthday

On August 2, 1981 a child was born....

And on the eve of my 26th I am realizing some things...

...The more one seeks to explain God the more confusing he/she becomes. God existed before logic.

...Yet I won't and can't cease in explaning my spiritual position.

...Instinct is a form of spiritual communication. Listen!

...Those people with the heaviest burdens are often the most interesting.

...Sexiness is an attitude and not simply a form of physical being.

...I'll never fall in love like I did the first time because I'll never be able to be that naive again...Sometimes ignorance can be our blessing in life.

...The Devil does not exist.

...Sex without love is like driving without insurance..HIGH RISK!

...The only color that really matters in America is green.

...Cynicism is eventually detrimental to the progressive political mind.

...I don't know if I believe in marriage...I do believe in healthy relationships.

...Will Demps is too pretty to be playin football...It's CRIMINAL!

...It's about time we in the gay community stop and analyze the way we emulate, and make normative, heterosexual roles in our sexual relationships...The tops are the predators and the bottoms are prey...Tops are congratulated in their multiple conquests while bottoms are demonized for their percieved "promiscuous" behavior. We certainly are more diverse and critical as a community...I would like to think...but sometimes I wonder.

I promise not to stay away for so long next time...

P.L.E. (PeaceLoveandEternity),