Saturday, October 28, 2006

10 Q's from Q

***Sidebar*** NYBoy and I made it official last nearly 6 years of single life are over...we'll see how it goes...

(1) Where are all the Black preachers who are outraged about The war in Iraq, republican sex scandals, poverty in America? I guess they are too busy preaching the theology of the American Dream.

(2) Is it just me or does it seem like John Legend has been hiding all that body?

(3) Isn't Janet Jackson's album a steaming pile of dog shit? What passes for music these days is laughable.

(4) Is anybody else planning to move to Canada before the Bush-induced apocalypse commences?

(5) Is anybody else sad that Toure has lent his talent to the useless 30 minutes that is called "The Black Carpet" on the useless network called BET?

(6) This ain't a question...more of a statement...but...Reggie Bush. DAMN!

(7) Have you ever thought about the possibility that Christianity got the story wrong? What if Jesus was just a regular ol' heathen like the rest of us? What if there was no cross and no resurrection...What if he never even existed?

(8) Aren't Alaskan King Crab Legs the best shit ever?

(9) Why am I so excited about Vegas in 3 weeks? Maybe it's because it's NYBoy's first time flying and I'll be by his side to experience it with him.

(10) Anybody else out there as much of a fan of Terence Trent D'Arby as I am (now known as Sananda Matrieya)? Check out his best album (in my opinion) Neither Fish Nor Flesh.



Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Beginnings of a Love Affair (So It Seems)

So....It seems like I have travelled to a parallel universe...

2 weekends ago NYBoy came up to CT to spend the weekend with me. We laughed, we talked, I cooked him dinner, we had cocktails and champagne, we laid next to each other and talked some more...It was a new feeling for me. I was "domestic" for a weekend with someone who enjoyed EVERY single minute of it. It was wonderful.

Then, last weekend I went down to nyc to see him (I only intended to stay that Saturday--but it ended up with me leaving on Monday afternoon). We went out to dinner with his best friend and I met another one of his friends and his sister-in-law. The funny thing is that when he calls me "baby" I don't cringe--maybe it's because I can feel how for real he is when he says it...So I said all of that to say that things are going well...We are BOTH excited about 6 days and 5 nights in Las Vegas that is coming up in about a month. He's never been on a plane before so it will be an INTERESTING experience indeed. The idea of sharing this all with him is thrilling though...

We are going to make some memories in the desert...and I can't wait.

On another front, the independent study is coming along well. I have not done this much reading, analyzing, and discussing in my life...but I am glad I am experiencing it should be a nice preview for Master's/Doctoral work. I am also finalizing my graduate school list and am soon going to begin working on all the parts and making the contacts that I need to make (In the graduate school game it's not necessarily what you know all the time but WHO you know). Hopefully this time next year I will be a FULL TIME graduate student well on my way to becoming a PAID professional rabble rouser (which I think should be the job of, at least, black intellectuals and, at most, ALL intellectuals).

All in all life seems to be on the upswing for me FINALLY...My bed is warming up and my future looks bright--this is what it must feel like to win.

Let's just hope that the streak continues...

Until next time....



Tuesday, October 03, 2006

(When It Get's Right Down 2 It) I Still Love You

Written in a whimsical moment of inspiration...this is dedicated to the person that used to be THE ONE...God has placed me in a new state of mind but I remember how it was...I remember how I felt...and I remember the love.

You were the crossroad....and for that I will always be grateful.

Yes...This is a love song.

(When It Gets Right Down 2 It) I Still Love You
By: HX

Woke up this mornin'
25 roses in my bed.
Rolled over to kiss ya
But there you were
standing in my head.
It was then that I knew
that without you
all there could be was misery.
I know they say diamonds for forever
what about me?

Walked to work this mornin'
Repeating the lines
of your love letters
hummin' made up melodies
as if it would make it any better.
How could a dream come true
become a nightmare so new?
I thought God was supposed
to have mercy
But it seems like he's cursed me--without you

But when it's all set and done
When it gets right down 2 it
I still love you.