Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Big "O"

Will be in Orlando for the next week...

I will report back upon my return...

Until then stay blessed.



Friday, March 23, 2007


Well I have never let an entire month go by without updating my blog....but it seems that the energy in ol' bloggerville is at an all time low...Have folks moved on to other mediums of communication and I just haven't been notified? Maybe folks are just busy with LIFE...and I can understand that....because I have.

After 2 years and multiple rejections from various graduate programs I finally recieved an acceptance to Teachers College at Columbia University. Although I am still waiting on 3 other places I feel like this is quite an achievement for me...And I have a strange feeling that I will end up there...But first things first; I need to get 3 more more decision letters and also hope that the financial aid packages are good to me....cuz a brotha aint ballin.

In celebration of my minor triumph I decided to shell out the cash and go to Puerto Rico for Memorial Day Weekend. I will be there alone (as usual) and attempting to get my "groove" back (in a R rated sort of way). So hopefully I can bump into some brothers with more than an ounce of class and dignity because it is certainly loooong overdue for me. I will also be in Orlando in about a week and a half on a psuedo-business trip/VACATION. And since I really enjoyed myself in Orlando last year I am looking forward to it again.

Things personally have not been the greatest. I think I am still feeling some of the emotional aftershocks of what happened to me around the New Year. I miss being able to trust people. I miss being able to trust myself. And so the only way I know how to maintain my sanity is by being a tad bit more coldblooded than I normally am...I know it ain't right but sometimes you have to do what you have to do to keep your own ship afloat. And I am barely floating right now...but floating nonetheless.

I am feeling extremely needy...but yet I am way to PRIDEFUL to ever admit that openly to anyone I was seriously interested in. I just feel wrong. But my more rational side tells me that a sense of "wrong-ness" comes with the territory. So I suppose that I have conceded to that fact.

There is still plenty to be joyful about...

And there is still plenty to be worried about...


This is still my life.